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Tor is an outdoor company that I created that focuses on combining the outdoors with street fashion. Taking products and giving them multiple purposes to benefit the customer while also reducing waste. As an avid fly fisherman I come across the problem of having chunky boots that take up a large amount of space when traveling and backpacking in the outdoors. To solve this problem I wanted to make a shoe that incorporates both street fashion and versatility. Taking elements from the Jordan retro 4, Jordan retro 11, and the Jordan retro 5 to make a shoe that will work on trails, in the water, and applicable to everyday wear. I chose muted colors to help the shoe adapt to your everyday closet.


Throughout my process I ran into the problem of sizing and making sure that the shoe will fit with socks just as well as waders. Due to this problem I started to focus more on a Watersport shoe for surfing, boating, hiking, and lifestyle. Because of this dilemma I started to generate new products that also reflected versatility and functionality. 

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Neoprene Chart

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This collapsable water bottle allows you to be able to filter water on-the-go while also allowing for more room in your pack. 

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